Martha Steimel worked early on in her career as a new property coordinator for a hotel chain. Her hobby was spending time in the kitchen (especially when chefs came in from all over the country to prepare for the grand opening of each new hotel) to be able to be in on all of the hustle and bustle and preparations for each opening. Chefs from all over told her that she knew more than they did and should work as a Master Chef and forget about the management side that she worked for. Offers came in over the years for her to work as a chef as she actively pursued her hobby and passion: cooking for others. She always argued that she would no longer enjoy it as intensely as she did if she had to do it every day.

Now that Martha has a grandchild – and an ulterior purpose – her outlook has changed. The parents of her first grandchild are intensely dedicated attorneys, working a zillion hours per week, while also doing their part in the community in addition to simultaneously balancing their new family life with child. Martha, as a surprise to the new parents put together a complete company, with over 1500 recipes for them to choose from. She (tongue in cheek) came up with a business card and gift certificate to present to the new Mommy for her 30th Birthday. She just really wanted them to realize that her gift of three months of chef cooking (right there in their home – done flat out in one week’s time) had a value to it. She had not anticipated what happened next. Referrals then came in.

Sooo. . .after all these years of arguing that she didn’t want to work as a chef . . . WE GOT HER!!:-) She has officially taken up her whisk and begun her passion. If you would like to take advantage of her services with My Full Time Chef either give someone a gift certificate or e-mail us and book a week or two for yourself! She’s great! One thing she knows, after raising three boys who could eat their weight in food is how to prepare, how to prepare in advance, and how to have things on hand to (spur of the moment) be able to easily include complete other families in their dinner plans at home.

Now, you too can have that convenience! Just check out our website, see what you think, give us a call, or better yet: e-mail. If you know you want this, just book a service at the website and set your start date.

We also do temp to perm. If you use the service each quarter – ask us to send out a different chef each time, always someone available for temp to perm. If you find someone you like (and are looking to put on a live-in or full-time chef) this gives you a venue to meet several and sample their cooking while you use our service.

We’ve had people already contacting us about franchising (before we’ve even cooked our first meal!) If you know anyone in other parts of the country who may be interested: please let us know or have them contact us. If you have us come to your home for a week to three every quarter – it will be just like you’ve got your own FULL TIME CHEF!! With Just 4 visits a year from My Full Time Chef you get 12 months worth of food!