My Full Time Chef hires chefs who have graduated from culinary training. When Martha is too busy to handle all of the bookings: one of our other chefs heads out. This gives you a great opportunity to do two things:

  • Try our service
  • Try several different chefs at the same time

If you are in the market for a full-time or live-in chef (or suspect you may be so in the future) this approach gives you the chance to meet with prospective candidates (in a working situation) who could move from temp to perm for you. This approach gives you the ability to select from several candidates who you’ve met over the course of several appointments with us. See their work habits first hand and taste the product of their labors. Let us know if you are looking for Temp to Perm and we will intentionally always send a different chef each quarter and always send one who is available to move to a permanent home position.