Chef services are like an art. It is hard to place a value on a great skill. Most Personal Chef Services set their pricing on various packages based on the number of entrees you need each evening. This can be very expensive on a day by day basis. With these services the following can be included in your package price:

  • In-home consultation
  • Kitchen preparation (including sufficient tools and pantry staples)
  • Making Sufficient Packaging Available for Storing 3 months of entrees
  • Custom menu planning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking of all your meals
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Detailed menu with heating instructions
  • All the clean up!!!

We supply all of those items. Generally we supply personal chef services in your home on a quarterly basis. The cost for this service is $1500 per week. You should be able to get by on no more than a 3 week span every quarter and come out with 12 months worth of food: Thus our Name: MY FULL TIME CHEF!!

The 3-week time frame is set up as follows:

Week 1: 3-month Recipe and Meal Planning, Kitchen Set-up, 3-month Shopping List Made $1500
Week 2: Shopping and Storage for Needed Kitchen Gadgets and 3 months of unprocessed food $1500
Week 3: Chef Cooking 3 months of Food, Set up of Daily Foods Calendar, Instructions Given $1500

The prices listed here are for Chef Labor Charges ONLY

NOTE: Sufficient freezer space is mandatory for this service. Cost of Food, Groceries, Utensils, and Needed Storage Containers is a Homeowners Expense and not included in our weekly $1500 chef labor charge. It is not the chef’s job to clean out your refrigerator or freezer to make room for your food. This must be done before his/her arrival.

You may find after your first quarter that you never need to pay for week 1 again. You may choose to pick your own food items from our website and stock your own kitchen – saving the cost of week 1. Week 2 involves making sure you have enough freezer containers in the right sizes, freezer wrap, and everything needed to package your food items. It also involves making a shopping list for 3 months worth of food and doing all of the shopping and storing it properly in your home for when the chef arrives the next week. You may want us to prepare 3 month shopping list (based on your menu selections) and do the rest. That will save $1000 from week 2. If you have a large family, or need more than the usual 14 entrees with sides: than you may need 2 week 3’s rather than just one.

Our chefs are prepared to work an average of 60 to 70 hour weeks if necessary. He/She will start their week planning 6AM to 6PM days. He/She plans in week 3 to work a straight 7 days for you doing your three months of cooking, storage, and scheduling. If it is impossible for them to complete your menus in that sort of a time frame (and they are working in a diligent manner) you may need a second week. Once you have seen us in action and had us for your first quarter – you will have a better feel for what to expect and what to try and do yourself (if you’d like to) the second time around. If ever you are unhappy with the professionalism or style of any of our chefs: please let us know. We can send a different one next quarter for you. Please do not hang around in the kitchen talking with our chef. His time is of value to you. Let him/her get your work done efficiently for you. Our rates are set on a flat rate and will not be lowered should the chef complete his week in a timelier manner. In most cases it takes very good efficiency for a chef to complete this task in one week flat. We are prepared to put a weekly package together for whatever your needs may be. Just let us know what you need so we can jump in and help!

If you are a busy professional: consider your own value per hour and let us do this for you. If you’ve justified a cleaning service on a regular basis – then a chef service only 4 times a year is a good next step!

If you are a household looking for a permanent, full-time, or live-in chef: please let us know. We can send a different chef each quarter so you can decide who you would like to hire on a full time basis. We do temp to hire all the time and would like to work with you on this.